UHF Parking Tag

UHF Parking Tag uses AZ 9654 H3 chip, and each tag has a global, unique 64 bits TID code. It provides an EPC memory of 96 bits and a user storage space of 512 bits. It will be convenient for the customers to customize the label information, and it cannot be relocated easily. The operating frequency is between 860MHz to 960MHz, and it works with the ISO 18000-6C protocol. It can be used for double-side printing, write code, encryption according to customer requirements.

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Model New UHF Parking Tag
Reading Distance 10m (using a UHF 6Pro Reader) 10m (using a UHF 6Pro Reader)
Frequency 860MHz to 960MHz
Chip AZ 9654 H3
Interface Protocol ISO18000-6C
Storage Structure EPC: 96 bits 

TID: 64 bits

USER: 512 bits

Erasing Capability 


100,000 times (only for the chip)
Working Temperature -30°C to 85°C 


Storage Temperature -30°C to 85°C 


Dimensions 100*40mm (±0.03mm)


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