ConventionalGas Detector

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The gas Detector Is designed for single station use.Small and compact, small commercial properties, and recreational vehicles. It is intended to detect leakage of natural gas (methane gas), town gas, and bottled gas (propane gas).

  • The detector is designed for 9 to 32 Volts D.C.to install in major of fire alarm panels, The gas Detector can be set high (for methane gas) or low (for propane (LPG) gas).
  • Detect all sorts of combustible gases, natural gas (methane), bottled gas (propane), LPG (Liquefied petroleum Gas), LNG (Liquefied natural gas),coalgas,including town gas.
  • Easy toinstall,mounting bracket included.
  • Highquality durablesensor.
  • Self diagnostic functionby MCUintelligent software.
  • Excellentreliability & High stability.
  • Idealfor allkitchens.


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