PRO BG 3030

The ProBG3030 series is a high performance
and high speed barrier gate. It adopts high
performance servomotor, simple and reliable
transmission structure, high temperature
resistant control panel, humane interaction
design on appearance and impact protection
design on boom connector
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· Humane interaction design. Standard case is equipped
with LED indicator and LED light strip is optional for
the boom.
· Mean Cycles Between Failure (MCBF) has reached 5 million
times. Product lifespan is 10 times longer than traditional
barrier gate.
· Gate’s opening / closing speed are lightning-fast and can
widely adjust from 0.9s-10s, depends on vehicle flow and
boom length.
· Good temperature resilience. Able to work under -40°C—+
75°C outdoor.
· Small abrasion, no mechanical impact and impact absorption
in motion.
· Boom will be automatically raised when power off, no need for
manual operation.
· Boom will stop or return when encounters blockage. Standard
package with impact-resistance rubber strip.
· Installation and boom’s direction switching are easy and can be
done on site.
· Support fleet mode and open recording function. Gate will close after
vehicle sensor has detected specified amount of vehicle pass.
· Support wide range of 100-240V DC and 24V battery.
· Low power consumption and energy saving design, the barrier gate
can save ~500kWh per year.


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