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Excelltel PBX Office Phone Exchange System CS+308 Mini Pabx

Excelltel PBX Office Phone Exchange System CS+308 Mini Pabx

1. Switch power (optional)

2. Backup battery interface (optional)

3. Transfer caller ID

4. Intercom caller ID

5. Auto-attendant (DISA: 10s one paragraphs)

6. Auto-attendant (DISA: 20s one paragraphs) (optional)

7. Auto-attendant (DISA: 60s or 90s four paragraphs) (optional)

8. Auto/Operator mode

9. Auto IP dialing (optional)

10. External music input on holding

11. Doorbell & door open function

12. chord melody music selectable, auto select daily (optional)

Guaranteed Safe Checkout

1. Outward dialing directly Pick up the handset and dial external number directly after hearing the C.O line tone.
2. Exterior-line Booking If exterior line is busy and calling has to be done immediately, a booking of exterior line will be done and will be clue to the current user.
3. Selecting C.O.Line You can use this operation if you want to select a C.O line to dial out.
4. Use the private password
5. Outgoing call transfer function This function let you make an outgoing cal l from one extension then divert and connect other extension to C.O. Line.
6. Call transfer Allows you to transfer an incoming call to another extension.
7. Conference(2 extensions and 1 C.O.Line) Al lows you to add a third part to a two-parts conversation and make a three-parts conference. You can have only two extensions with one C.O. Line.
8. C.O.Line Reservation The occupying exterior line can be reversed by exchanger. Then another exterior line can be transferred or talked by interphone, which can solve the problem that the incoming call waits long for answering or even no answer. Therefore the function of the exchanger is largely extended. The exterior lines for incoming or outgoing call are both reserved. 9. R Key function Use this to make a R key operation(As telephone’s R key) in C.O. Line, this is always used for switching the call waiting.
Other Functions:1. Query Functions When hang down the telephone will ring, and the extension number will be displayed in your caller identify telephone
2. Call forwarding Allows an extension to transfer incoming calls automatically to another extension.
3. Call busy transfer When an extension is busying allow it to transfer incoming calls automatically to another extension.
4. No disturbing When an extension is setting to no disturbing mode, it will not ring.
5. Call all extensions (Emergency Call)


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